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  • 19th November
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winter time scents

last week i was invited to a tea party at the bay in market mall. it was to introduce viktor and rolfs holiday packages for their fragrance flowerbomb. being one of my favorite fragrances i couldn’t pass this up (free samples included)!! i didn’t really know what to expect but was pleasently surprised.

there was a tea, cupcakes, macaroons, flowers, and of course flowerbomb samples. The designers have made three different potency’s of their signature scent. flowerbomb extreme which is pure perfume, eau de parfum, and eau de toilette. they also have a mens fragrance, spicebomb. if your looking for a new smell this winter this is a great choice. floral/vanilla/yummy it’ll make you feel girly and sassy at the same time. the bay is also offering great packages for the holidays. gift for yourself, i think so. below is the adorable gift box that i just had to purchase adn some of the samples.

let us know what your fav smell is for this season….

  • 30th October
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for the past couple of months i decided to get back into a healthy routine (aka the weather got cold and i started to eat like a hibernating grizzly)…. anyways on my search for a lifestyle makeover, i stumbled upon Barre Body Fit. a yoga/pilates/ballet minajatwa!

Barre Body Fit comes to us thanks to calgary native Marlo B. it targets all the areas that every woman wants to tone, tighten, and feel better about. Marlo added barre to her fitness regime as she already spent many years practicing pilates, teaching yoga, Ripped! and bootcamps, and of course loving dance. She has been training with Tracey Mallet, creator of Booty Barre, the hottest barre workout in the world, for the past five months and has been sharing Barre here since June, adding her own twist to every class.

Pairing these elements together was a perfect match in my world let alone the benefits which I can speak honestly to.” -Marlo B.

Barre Body Fit isn’t a ballet class, nor does it require you to have ever taken one. Marlo creates an inviting and motivating environment that lets you forget about the stresses of your day. During each class Marlo takes the time to help your individual needs and can make the slightest adjustment to completely change your workout.

"They require 100% attention to your bodywork and as a result the classes indirectly offer a release of your mind - freeing you from the stress of everyday life." -Marlo B.

we are hooked. my tush, inner/outer thighs, biceps, abs, and basically every part of my body are thanking me. so if your looking to mix up your workout routine stop by Barre Body Fit, your body will thank you.

 ”Lengthen, lift, lean while we tone, define, sculpt.” - Marlo B.

for more info check out BBF on facebook and twitter @barreattitude

  • 25th October
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please forgive our absence over the last month. unfortunately things like work have overtaken our free time.

but no more. never again.

so stay tuned. we have some exciting news about how to tone up for your winter holidays, get a faux glow that’ll keep your skin super moisturized all winter long, and all the winter styles you have to have.

it may feel like time to hibernate but trust us, we’ll help you find lots of things to do and see in yyc.

  • 4th September
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lets get some shoes b*tch

a girl can never have too many shoes. NEVER! so to feed my obbsession, i have joined shoemint. it kind of works like the beauty box subscriptions, but it’s shoes. every month you are charged a fee and given one credit. with this credit you can buy one pair fo shoes from that months colection. if you don’t like any shoes that month you can skip that month, and your credit card wont be charged the $79.99. shoemint stems from a company called beachmint. they have created different “mints” like homemint, jewelmint, and intimint. each category is a team of one designer and one celebrity, for shoemint the celeb is the beautiful summer roberts, i mean rachel bilson. above was my first purchase! this pair was actually on sale for %50 off, so really how could i say no. they came in the mail within a couple of days and lived up to my expectations. they are surprisingly comfortable and i’ve gotten a lot of compliments.coming hopefully this week is my latest order. i can’t wait to wear these with some tights and knee high socks. oh fall fashion i love you.

  • 30th August
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girl crush thursday…if that’s a thing

we’ve developed an enormous girl crush on poppy delevingne, a british model and socialite (jealous of that title). she’s been hard to avoid these last few months, as we waste a large portion of our days flipping through magazines and scanning blogs…we’re not the only ones who love her. while we’re still into ombre hair for fall, she’s reviving ultra-light blonde locks in a cool way. has so kindly put together a great lookbook featuring poppy so we can (attempt) to copy her!

  • 28th August
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  • 25th August
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saturday night caesar

caesars are one of our favorite cocktail indulgences, after-work, pre-dinner, sunday brunch, mid-workday…oops…anytime really. even better, the caesar is rumored to have been invented in calgary. could this be our city’s signature drink?

this video tutorial (filmed at buchanan’s here in calgary, posted by the globe and mail) takes the classic caesar to a new level. while it’s always nice to go out and try all the different caesars in and around calgary, it’s also fun (and frugal) to experiment at home. one of our all-time favorite caesars came from the bison restaurant in banff. it featured a bocconcini ball wrapped in bison jerky as a garnish…so good. 

so, we want to recreate this from the comfort of our own homes. we often stop by the calgary farmer’s market on the weekend, where there’s plenty of inspiration for lunch, brunch and dinner, and more importantly, creative caesar garnishes. cheese and jerky are abundant, but our local favorites include sylvan star cheese and spragg meat shop. we also have some amazing beef in our freezers from our friends at bite beef, another local gem. we’re thinking tonight we’ll craft our homemade caesar and a special bite burger! stay tuned for pictures and generous self-reviews. 

  • 21st August
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talkin about my bcbgeneration


this next post isn’t exactly breaking news. we’ll admit, we’re a little behind on this, but better late than never, right?

during a recent coffee break stroll through downtown calgary’s the core shopping centre, we noticed a new addition up on the third floor…shining like a bright beacon of hope…a bcbgeneration store! we’ve been buying select items from this brand from the bay and aritzia for a few years now, but this shop is actually canada’s first free-standing bcbgeneration location! we highly recommend a visit. it has a small, boutique-y feel to it. the lovely ladies who were working that day were ultra friendly, and lured us over to a table of unique and affordable denim. we also gravitated towards some great little pieces of jewelry. so next time you’re downtown shopping in the core, pay a visit to the flagship bcbgeneration shop on the third floor. if you can’t wait, check out the bcbg blog to get a feel for all of the cool pieces they have to offer. 

we chose a few of our faves, including these badass jean/jegging/leathery wonders below, for (just) under a hundred bucks!


  • 21st August
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Editor Test: BB Creams -

bb cream                               i guess the secret is out on BB creams!! if you haven’t gone out and picked one up for yourself now is the time. flare gives a good run down of a few products ranging from $9-$65 but there are a lot of other companies that offer BB creams.

i was never one to use concealer or liquid foundation, mainly due to no time in the morning, not liking that heavy feeling on my face, and fear of breaking out. since trying garniers BB i have included it in my 5 min makeup routine and haven’t looked back since.

click the link to learn a little bit more about this amazing product and all the benfits. once i run out i would like to try another company just to compare. if you love your bb cream let us know!!

  • 15th August
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Saw your post about Sheinside - just wondering how legit the website is. I've heard some bad things about the company so I was just curious!

Asked by: believe-in-happiness0

Sorry for the late response!!
The two pieces I ordered were what I was expecting. When you pay so little I guess you can’t expect great quality. The sweater has been great so far and the blouse is like something you would find at zara or h&m. Not sure if I’ll order again from there but I do like how they are unique. What bad things have you heard? The more info the better to share with fellow online shoppers!